Motivation and weekly round up

I sincerely hope you had a better weekend than I did. It’s not been a bad weekend per se, nothing terrible happened. But I was utterly uninspired by literally everything and whinier than a five year old in the backseat of a car on a cross country road trip.


Yes, that was me yesterday. That is the kind of terribly mature conversation I force on my friends. And no, I really don’t care about spelling at all in online communication that is not of the official kind.

However, if we are looking at my project goals, they say writing 7k per week in October. Which averages 1k per day. Which means not writing yesterday would have gotten me behind on day one. Not a good start.

So I did what one of the guys of writing excuses (I think it was Howard?) said in regard to writers block (not that I would call what I had yesterday writers block, I just had a very big desire not to have to write. But the principle remains the same, because I fully agree with Howard when he called bull on writers block. That’s a post for another day, though.)

Butt in chair. Hands on keyboard.

It worked. It always does. Am I particularly happy with the scene I procuded? Hell no. It’s awkward in many ways and while I know what I wanted to do, it’s been done rather clumsily. But the point is: it’s there. The words are on paper (well, in the word processor, but, you know. Details). I can go back and make them pretty later. But you can’t edit what’s not there.

Writing is my passion. I love it. I love the process of building a story and characters and worlds. But it is also work. It’s harder than reading a book or watching a tv show. It’s an act of production which, in itself, always requires more energy than mere consumption. And because the universe tends to be an idiot, it made it a lot harder to do things that require larger amounts of energy. So either you find your motivation… or you say, screw motivation, I’ll do it without.

My point being: just get up and art. Or, err, sit down.

I keep telling that to myself regularly at the moment because it’s not yet a habit. But I sure as hell intend to build one over the next two month. And I am proud of myself for having started into the month on the right foot and got roughly 2.8k written, which accounts for about 1/4 of the planned length of the novella. Yay! (And can I just brag for a moment and say that a writer friend said that she loved the character progression of my girl Elaeri in a scene from today and that she found it very authentic? Score! Now go write something because that’s the kind of good stuff you get out of it! It’s like a cookie but without the damn calories.)

That being said, without further ado, let’s dive into our weekly statistics.


  • Scene 3 in the novella (1.493 words, 01.10.16)
  • Scene 4 in the novella (1.329 words, 02.10.16)

Plotting and world building

  • thought about a few changes I will have to make to my initial premises of world building for the Mitori
  • mentally played around with the politcal set up but didn’t have the guts to commit changes to paper yet (GO DO IT!)

Learning the craft

  • spent an unholy amount browsing writing and author blogs, reading up on everything from plotting over marketing to publishing
  • listened to some more episodes of writing excuses (highly recommended, it’s entertaining and helpful)
  • sorted my link collection into categories for easier access later and then promised myself to not fall down the rabbit hole again and instead, focus on writing and plotting until after November

Zero days: 0 (streak: 22 days)



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