Weekly round up

I was lucky enough to have one of my writer friends of awesome (really, this one has been an honorary family member basically since day one) over for a few days. Needless to say, I had a brilliant weekend.

We spent it climbing onto church towers in the dark (all legal, I promise), visiting an exhibition, having long conversations (about writing, of course, but also other stuff), eating awesome food and browsing my local comic store for hours. It’s been great.

The not so great part of the weekend is the fact that since yesterday, I can basically feel my sinuses die a slow agonizing death. It’s almost time for me to start into the busiest part of the year so of course it is the perfect time for the arrival of  a sinus infection, right?

Universe, get your act together!

Luckily, at least my writing stats for this week are still all good because I knew my time to be productive in the writing sense would basically be over come Thursday evening and planned accordingly. (But honestly, even if I hadn’t managed, friendship! Important! So is getting out of your house to see and do things that differ from your daily routine. That’s how you fill up your inspiration depots!)

So here is what we are left with for this week:


  • Scene 5 in novella (1917 words, 03.10.16)
  • Scene 6 in novella (1313 words, 04.10.16)
  • Scene 7 in novella (1176 words, 05.10.16)

That brings the total for week #1 of October (01.-07.10.) to a wordcount of 7228. Weekly word goal of 7k reached: check.

Learning the craft

  • long discussions about what to look for in a beta reader / critique group etc. with writer friend of awesome
  • discovered the IWSG (Insecure Writers Support Group) and spent some time reading through various posts from a lot of lovely authors, getting interesting perspectives on how to find out if your story is ready

Zero days: 0 (streak: 29 days)

No plot or worldbuilding this week and it might actually also not happen next week. My main focus is on the novella atm, and after that, I’ll do a bit more plot work before heading straight into the novel.

My initial plan said I wanted to be through with the novella on the 10th of October. That’s not gonna happen. It’s not much of a deviation though and I still see myself starting with the novel about 10 days before NaNoWriMo starts. I’d like to be in about 10-15k when November 1st hits.

Keep your fingers crossed that my immune system is agreeing with my plans!


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