Preparation is everything and weekly round up

Wow, that was not a great week writing wise. Monday and Tuesday I really didn’t feel up to speed and then somehow the week was already over. The one good thing to say about this week is that least I didn’t get full on sick as I was afraid I would. Can’t say that I am a hundred percent healthy either but definitely functional.

So, how did the writing go? Not at all. Yeah. There. I said it. Didn’t write a word this week (I’ll discount the few words I managed during editing), mugged up my schedule and will now have to get my act together fast to stay on schedule halfway decently.

Having my friend over last weekend was brilliant and as mentioned in last Sunday’s post, I did prepare for it. Idiot that I am, I did however not prepare for the week after that. That might sound weird to some of you, but for me, routines are vital. Having a plan is vital. So I did use my momentum to get my 7k words in before my visitor came along but did not consider the fact that four days of fun would also mean that come Monday, I would a) suffer from awesome-friend-gone-blues and b) find myself out of momentum after four days of not making it to my desk and putting bum to chair and hands to keyboard.

My writing routine is not strongly established enough yet to be able to compensate for lacking momentum. So what I would have needed to do was make sure to get pumped about writing again on Monday and create new momentum and motivation (No, I am not always happy to have to sit down and write, but usually, it doesn’t take much to turn that around. Provided I get that far.Which I didn’t. Which is how this whole mess started).

Lesson learned: plan better. Account for things that will break my rhythm and make sure to have a plan on how to get back into it. Carve out certain times when to sit down and write, no matter what, during any given week.

With that note to myself out of the way, let’s dive into this weeks (frankly depressing) statistics:


  • roughly edidted the existing scenes of my novella

Zero days: 6 (longest streak of non-zero days: 29 days)


Aaaaaaaand, really, that’s it. At least I can say that the editing happened today, so the week ends with a day that saw me return to the project. Besides that, during the week I did discuss possible projects (yeah, entirely unrelated plot bunnies came knocking, but so far, I got them to play nice on promises of cake and my undiveded attention at a later point in time), raged about a few things in a book I really disliked and quickly browsed a blog or two but that doesn’t really count if there is no writing-glue to hold it all together.

I know one other contributing reason to my non-writing though, that helped to so easily derail me: I know what I want to happen next in the novella but am a tad scared of writing it.

So, the task for the week is to kick my own butt and do it anyway. I’ve made time in my schedule tomorrow to have that happening right away, so wish me luck!


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