Writer friends and weekly round up

Honestly, if you don’t have acquaintances or friends who write, find some asap. Nothing helps to keep you in the writing game as much as other people who share your passion, have the odd encouraging word or interested question to spare and generally just understand how it’s perfectly normal to talk about writing and books and reading forever.

And, yes. I just spent most of my weekend with folks like that and it was awesome and silly me managed to not take one single picture while on a convention. Guess that speaks volumes to the quality of my company.

I also managed to belatedly do fall ill, so my productivity specs for this week are sub par again (but nowhere near as bad as last week). Plus, I went trough an interview for a part-time job, nailed that one and got the job, sat through a 7 hour human resource seminar while sick and got some writing done, so all things considered, I’d still call the week quite a success (which includes the scheduling of two dates with friends for the near future, one including cocktails, the other rum and Prince of Persia. Yes. This week is defintely going into the books as success.)

So, statistics:


  • Scene 8 in novella (1031 words, 18.10.2016)
  • Scene 9 in novella (1399 words, 19.10.2016)
  • test scene for novel (300 words, 23.10.2016)

Plotting and world building

  • discussed perspectives and characters with friends
  • hatched up a few things for a new project next year

Learning the craft

  • several writing excuses podcasts (still awesome)
  • read The War of Art (Steven Pressfield)

Zero days: 0 (longest streak: 29)

(I honestly have no idea, the whole week went by in a bit of a blurr and I can’t recall what I did on which day, so I’ll just say there were none, because writing was a pretty essential part of this week.)



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