Pitch, pitch, pitch and weekly round up

One more day to go and then: November madness.

I am nowhere near my plans for my project (read: the novella isn’t done, I am not as far in my novel as I wanted, thus will start with my first word on November the 1st) and yet, I am content.

Since opening this blog, I have almost continually been writing or working on my writing, I have never felt more confident in calling myself a writer than I do now, and quite frankly, I’ve had a steep learning curve over the last two month. I am quite happy with how things are shaping up (I’ll follow up with a decent evaluation of what did and didn’t happen according to plan, but it’s very likely going to happen after NaNoWriMo.)

My writers forum provides me with a few tasks every year about a week ahead of NaNoWriMo. It also has a pitch thread, were you can – yes, the name is a dead give-away – pitch your book to gather some interest amongst your fellow NaNo combatants (let’s face it, participants is just not strong enough of a word to do the feeling justice).

So I spent the last hour (and I know it’s not enough, but it’s the amount of time I had at hand) working on my pitch.

Wanna read?

When an attempt on his life fails and a spell robs him of his identity, a young noble has to rely on his assigned assassin in order to survive and reclaim his birth right.

After narrowly surviving a plague that killed his immediate family and battling illness for two years, grief stricken Raeven does not trust his ability to take on his heritage as lord of a city in decline. When the aftermath of a failed attempt on his life robs him of his identity and forces him to flee his home, he finds himself surrounded by three unlikely companions. Among them is his would be assassin, who is affiliated to the Mitori, a people Raeven despises and holds responsible for the demise of his city. With his own appearance now magically changed to resemble one of them, he is forced to navigate the hostile environment his family helped to shape. Desperately reliant on his companions’ help, he has to learn to regard more than one perspective and trust his own decisions in order to hold his small traveling court together.
When betrayal hits the group and an enemy far greater than the scheming nobles of his home court is revealed, Raeven has to prove his mettle as a leader and a friend.


And if you noticed that I did not give a title… that is no accident. I don’t have one. I usually refer to it as YA1 (because it’s designed to consist of two parts, ain’t I clever or what?).

That being said, let me know if you’d pick up the book based on the pitch!

So let’s look into statistics before I get ready to head out of the house to meet with my writer folks for beer and pizza.


  • 3 more 300 word scenes on setting, character and such for the NaNo-novel
  • one 1034 words long report on an event from this summer

Plotting and world building

  • explored the world a bit more through the test scenes
  • almost completely changed (and polished) my 7 point character plots from a few weeks back after re-reading them and realising that they were very flat, unspecific and random

Learning the Craft

  • rum fuelled conversations on writing in general and projects in particular
  • read a few blog posts on pitching
  • few more writing excuses episodes

Zero days: 0 (longest streak of non-zero days: 29 days, current streak: 15 days)

Last but not least, an announcement of sorts. I REALLY want to document my NaNoWriMo experience day by day but I am also REALLY busy. So. I want to. I will try. But I am giving a warning that I might fail.

Blog posts will be shorter and everything topical (apart from Insecure Writers Support Group) will be postponed to December. I am expecting it to be fun anyway!



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