The NaNoWriMo diaries – Day #2

Second day in and it was a struggle. I am basically sleep walking by now, and was when I sat down to write. But the important bit is that I DID sit down and chunked out 1934 words. Didn’t hit the daily goal of 2.5 but well, I had some 1.5k extra yesterday, so all is still well.

Writing did proceed quite nicely after an innitial struggle to get into the right voice. I did zero editing today, though, so once that comes around I’ll probably be appalled by what I got onto paper.

I still got all my protagonists together, got to advance the plot, got in a bit of spooky dungeon atmosphere and all in all, am quite happy with how things are proceeding. If all goes to plan, I’ll be able to accelerate a few things tomorrow.

I also realized that there is a slight flaw in my plot logic at a not exactly minor point, so I’ll have to spent some time on fixing that latest by the weekend when I hit the crucial scenes. I’m not exactly happy about that but I’d still rather notice it right now than 200 pages down the line.

How are you getting on? Hit any milestones yet? Or already found your first roadblocks?


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