The NaNoWriMo diaries – day #3

I’ve written a grand total of 621 words today. Half of them are probably rubbish. I had a 12 hour day that came on top of too little sleep. The tiredness results from far too much going on over the last three weeks . I’ll also have a friend over from tomorrow till Sunday, and while I haven’t seen her in far to long and cannot wait for her to arrive, I also still ahve to figure out a bit of the logistics. Which takes brainspace I don’t have.

In summary: I am dead on my feet. But I put words onto the page.

I will now run myself a bath and then spend the evening with other people’s story telling (read: I’ll cozy up in bed and devour the newest episode of Elementary.)

I’ll probably also have smaller word counts tomorrow and the day after, but hope to make up for at least a bit of that on Sunday. Unfortunately, other, more relevant work is piling up here as well so we’ll see how this goes.

Guess I’ll just regard this month as a masterclass in time management.


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