The NaNoWriMo diaries – day #4

One word: TIRED!

This years NaNo really comes at the worst time. It would have been much more convenient in October, when I actually still had time for stuff.

But: I can relate the first death, the first plot points done, and: a new problem.

You see, I took away the perspective from one of my protagonists, because the state he is in at the moment would give him quite an annoying voice and I am not interested at all in that (you remember Harry in The Order of the Phoenix? Like, 350 pages of full on teenage emo rage? Yeah. That kind of annoying). I’m not saying that this is per se a bad thing to have (I love to hate on Harry in those pages) but for what I want to tell and the way I want to tell it, it would not be useful. Yet, for a few scenes that are about to happen, having them in his voice would be VERY convenient.

Guess that’s his revenge for not having gotten his own perspective. I know which perspective to use instead, but in order for the scenes to have the same impact, I’ll have to come up witha good idea as to how to spin them.

Also, have you ever realised how fast any ability to hold up logic and coherence goes out of the window once you are tired? Or is that only me? It’s amazing. The mistakes I caught myself making in an 900 word scene … fascinating.

At least it keeps me entertained at my own, tiredness-induced idiocy.

Word count of the day: 903.




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