The NaNoWriMo diaries – day #5

I just came out of Doctor Strange, and man, what a visual adventure. Brilliant pictures and well, the obvious. Mr. Cumberbatch. Very entertaining, well done movie. Stand out performance by Rachel Adams. Impeccable timing and for once, there is actual convincing chemistry between the lead and his love interest. I approve.

Considering I spent my day with my visitor (so much FOOD! also: Hendricks Gin. You gotta love it), I’m quite proud that I pulled out my laptop at all after a full day of shennanigans. Wrote the astonishing amount of 93 words, which, let’s face it, is more of an alibi than true writing but hey. I put my butt in a chair and my hands on the keyboard and got some words into the document.

Gonna have to pick up the pace from tomorrow on but I knew that before and I’ll just trust into a bit of NaNo-Magic. It usually does the trick.



2 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo diaries – day #5”

    1. Thank you! And well, it wasn’t really unexpected, I knew this weekend would not see me writing that many words. But I set myself the goal to write every damn day for NaNo because while I have won NaNo quite a few times before, I never wrote for 30 days straight 🙂


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