The NaNoWriMo diaries – day #6

Finally, a writing day after my own heart. This story still struggles to be written, I need a lot more time to pause and think how to proceed than I am used to and much of it doesn’t yet flow in the way I have experienced with other projects.

Nevertheless, half a day of writing yielded a bit more than 5k, which is a substantial amount. I am still 2k short of the 15k I should have in total by now, but if the next week runs smoothly (fingers crossed! I am looking at you, universe. Well and at myself and my time managment…), I should be all caught up by next Sunday.

I’ve brought considerable trouble over almost all of my protagonists by now and intend to continue to do so. It’s fun.

I also spend the evening out with some friends, which means that I managed to ignore impressive heaps of other work piling up here. Which will need doing during the week. As I said. A masterclass in time management is upon me.

I’ll leave you with two pictures I took on my way home earlier: castle in the dark and a gold(en) tree.





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