The NaNoWriMo diaries -#day 8

It’s a true drag. Seriously, I would love to report something else, but every word is a fight right now. I’ve never had a story that was so averse to being written.

It’s not only the story, though. I have real difficulties in concentrating on writing, just doing that and not branching out in my mind to other things.

I wasted two valuable hours of potential writing time on youtube today. Not that I regret watching videos of Benedict Cumberbatch’s hilarious talk show appearances of the last month, but that could have waited till December.

I also feel like I’ve lost any feeling for the pacing of my story and am very unsure wether things happen too fast or too slow. I’ve pushed that thought away towards the editing stage, though.

What I can report that I successfully got a scene out of the way that I was dreading, and I think I did a decent job. Still waiting for feedback on it from my most loyal reader (I ❤ Cheffchen! Also, clearly, you. Thanks for being in this with me!).

It’s only 1.1k today but oh well. Better luck tomorrow. I’ll try to get a morning and a lunch writing session in, because I’m out for cocktails in the evening and I am no Hemmingway. Writing drunk usually doesn’t do it for me.

Oh, and before anyone thinks I am not enjoying this NaNo: I do. It’s just unexpectedly difficult and I can’t yet put my finger on the why. I definitely love my characters and I think the plot is at least decent so far. It might need some polishing here and there afterwards but I stand by the basic storyline. Let’s hope this thing is picking up some pace, soon!

(Actually, now that I am writing about not knowing why things don’t yet flow, I have a fleeting suspicion as to why that is: dialogue. I miss dialog SO much. I have had the occassional bit of it, but so far, all my protagonists are still mostly in different places. I can’t wait to get them together finally. Dialog usually writes itself. So. Keep your fingers crossed for this being the remedy, will you?)


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