The NaNoWriMo diaries – day #9

What a day.

When the election result came in,  I spent the morning unable to get out of bed and crying.  Writing a YA fantasy story suddenly seemed like the most pointless, unimportant thing in the world.

But then remembered. I remembered that I have two strong women in there, who both fight for their beliefs, but will undergo change. Will learn to understand that there is always more than one side to things, that categorial antagonism is rarely the way to go and that most people don’t hold their beliefs out of pure evil.

There is a people who are a minority, marginalized and looked down upon who are resilient and find ways to keep together as a community despite their hardships. Who keep their beliefs and who will see change coming and hope rise.

There are two boys, both struggling to find out who they are, caught between what they (think they) want and what is expected of them. Who will encounter challenges and suffer, but also learn things. Open their minds to different possibilities.

These are the kind of people I root for. These are the kind of people I want to trust with our future. These are the kind of people I want as role models for readers young and old alike.

It’s one of the reasons I write.

It’s not that I want to talk down to anyone or lecture them. I don’t want to pertain a “holier than thou” attitude, but I want and I will make sure that my belief system and my values are openly found in every chapter I write. It’s not about proclaiming them. It’s about making them part of the strucutre of my story, about weaving them into the backbone of my tales, where (especially young) readers can find them and think about them. Sound out their own positions in relation to them.

Not everything I write on the surface is a reflection of who I am and what I believe. Not every indication of moral, value systems or political thought is put there deliberately or a direct expression of myself.  But if you look deeper, at themes and recurring issues: this is where you find me.

It’s why, to me, writing is important. Even on a day like today.

Especially on a day like today.


There’s no way to transition over elegantly to my writing performance of the day, so clumsy has to do. Writing was once again not really smooth, but I got a bit of dialog in and I kind of feel like it might really be the key to a better flow.

I’ve heaped more trouble on one of my main characters and left her in a (life and death) cliff hanger situation.

I’ll leave you with one of her thoughts that I feel, applies to most situations in life, not only to those that foreshadow possible physical harm.

Defensive stances have never been her forte. She doesn’t like to be a victim. If someone wants to hurt her, they will do so regardless of whether she cowers in fear or stands her ground.



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