The NaNoWriMo diaries – day #10

I almost stopped writing after a sentence today. But I didn’t. Not that I added too much more after it, but well… 328 words it is.

Talked to two friends about why I am not really getting into the grove this year, and while the dialog is starting to get more and helps, there is another aspect that came to mind (I do my best thinking when I talk or write, is that just me, or can someone relate?).

I have so much “real” life stuff going on that I just don’t manage to get immersed in my story. When I sit down to write at night, it’s usually the first time that I think about it. Which is completely different from all my previous writing experiences.

I’ll try to remedy that by creating a bit more space for my story to develop. Listening to my playlist while I am walking to work. When taking my weekend strolls along the river.

Usually, my thoughs naturally gravitate towards what I am writing but I am going through a pretty intense phase in my non-writer life at the moment, that holds a lot of importance for my future and just piles up the things that need doing. So right now, that is where my mind wanders off to whenever it can, ignoring the greener pastures of story telling as best as it can.

Let’s see what some gentle prodding can do to that.


(I feel like it’s such a shame that the first NaNoWriMo I am actually documenting is such a hassle. Then again, what good would constant posting of “EVERYTHING IS GREAT!” be in the long run? It’s not as much fun atm as I anticipated, but it is a great learning opportunity and a chance to grow as a writer. So… I guess there’s a lesson here. Let’s see how well I can figure it 0ut.)


2 thoughts on “The NaNoWriMo diaries – day #10”

  1. I think the important thing about NaNo is that it helps you make progress. I know the goal is to write a whole book, but even if you get pages on that book, in the end you’re so much better off than you would have been.


    1. Absolutely true. Just sometimes, it’s hard to accept that you might not achieve what you set out to do. Then again, I haven’t yet given up hope to actually finish that novel. There are quite a few days left in the month, and if I get the hiccups out of the way that seem to hinder me right now… who knows what’s going to happen 🙂


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