I’m Zara and I write. Sometimes. Not as much as an imaginary, very disciplined, very unrealistic version of myself does. But I do.

I love writing. The flow of stories, the development of characters only I know and the ability to discover secrets within my own mind will never cease to fascinate me. I keep coming back to sit down and write and plan and write some more.  Until the questions start. Once they come in – How do I solve that problem? What is the motivation behind this? How can I make this person more believable? Why did A fight with B? – I often lose my writer mojo and enthusiasm. While I have managed to put THE END under a few of my projects, it hasn’t happened quite as often as I would like. The simple truth of the matter is:

When play turns into work, I have a tendency to abandon my stories. 

Which  led me to the conclusion that probably every serious writer out there has had to face at some point: Writing is easy. Finishing a story is hard.

So I decided to open this blog and make it a project. I’m going to write and then write about my writing, in order to learn more about how I write and ultimately, improve. Are you dizzy yet?

Over the last days, I’ve mulled over the idea to write a Young Adult Novel. Which is, in itself, not a new notion but not one I have been following up until now. I’ve played around with different settings and plots, and somwhere along the line, Ediria was born. It’s a brand new playground for me, a completely blank canvas.

On this blog, I want to document my process and progress, the development of the world of Ediria and of the stories within it.

Let’s follow that trail! (Brownie points if you recognize the movie. That instantly makes us friends and gets you access to my cookie stash.)