NaNoWriMo mistakes and outlook

It’s been silent here in the last week, but fear not, I have gone nowhere.

I spent the last week toying with the next project that tentatively pushed itself forward now that my brain has space for a new idea. It’s not completely new and I really like it, though it’s still very raw and has nothing more than three characters and genre(s). I also thought about how to go about it and how to incorporate it into the blog.

I still like the idea of doing things project style, because in the end, every story is a project.

But before I dive into the next challenge and my thoughts on what I want from it, I want to do a quick review of my “failure”.

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The Nanowrimo diaries – Day #1

Just in time for NaNoWriMo, my motivation to write sunk to an uncharted low. I didn’t feel the love and was so tired that, around eleven o’clock last night, I gave up on the idea of writing into National Novel Writing Month and went to bed.

This morning, the world already looked a lot brighter again, and with fresh enthusiasm, I went to work. I chunked out about 400o words (to be precise, 4038), which concludes my first chapter and got all four of my protagonists together.

It took me forever to write those words, though. Which is fine for day one. I had the whole day off, so I could indulge in everything going on in my writers forum in lieu of NaNoWriMo, spend a lot of time messaging with writer friends who also started on their projects, got a long nice walk in the sunshine and a bit of tea time with a friend in (who isn’t a writer but patiently listened to all my ramblings on books, the industry and NaNoWriMo. Thanks, C.!) and in general, just really lazily wrote my way through chapter one.

I also did a lot of editing already because I decided on using third person narration in present tense which is something I haven’t ever done before. It works well, but I keep falling out of it, so there is a lot of going back and forth and straightening out my tenses. That’s definitely gonna be a challenge, but I am up for it.

All in all, it’s been a good first day.

I’ll leave you, aptly, with how it all begins:

“There is a second prince in the dungeons.”
Way to get his attention. A short glance to the side assures Gaevin that Paere, who is on guard with him tonight, hasn’t heard the whispered words. Maybe for the better. The girl who brought the unbelievable news is usually well informed, but he has never fully trusted her. He doesn’t trust anyone who deals in information and rumors. They are too dangerous a commodity.

Pitch, pitch, pitch and weekly round up

One more day to go and then: November madness.

I am nowhere near my plans for my project (read: the novella isn’t done, I am not as far in my novel as I wanted, thus will start with my first word on November the 1st) and yet, I am content.

Since opening this blog, I have almost continually been writing or working on my writing, I have never felt more confident in calling myself a writer than I do now, and quite frankly, I’ve had a steep learning curve over the last two month. I am quite happy with how things are shaping up (I’ll follow up with a decent evaluation of what did and didn’t happen according to plan, but it’s very likely going to happen after NaNoWriMo.)

My writers forum provides me with a few tasks every year about a week ahead of NaNoWriMo. It also has a pitch thread, were you can – yes, the name is a dead give-away – pitch your book to gather some interest amongst your fellow NaNo combatants (let’s face it, participants is just not strong enough of a word to do the feeling justice).

So I spent the last hour (and I know it’s not enough, but it’s the amount of time I had at hand) working on my pitch.

Wanna read?

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Writer friends and weekly round up

Honestly, if you don’t have acquaintances or friends who write, find some asap. Nothing helps to keep you in the writing game as much as other people who share your passion, have the odd encouraging word or interested question to spare and generally just understand how it’s perfectly normal to talk about writing and books and reading forever.

And, yes. I just spent most of my weekend with folks like that and it was awesome and silly me managed to not take one single picture while on a convention. Guess that speaks volumes to the quality of my company.

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Preparation is everything and weekly round up

Wow, that was not a great week writing wise. Monday and Tuesday I really didn’t feel up to speed and then somehow the week was already over. The one good thing to say about this week is that least I didn’t get full on sick as I was afraid I would. Can’t say that I am a hundred percent healthy either but definitely functional.

So, how did the writing go? Not at all. Yeah. There. I said it. Didn’t write a word this week (I’ll discount the few words I managed during editing), mugged up my schedule and will now have to get my act together fast to stay on schedule halfway decently.

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Motivation and weekly round up

I sincerely hope you had a better weekend than I did. It’s not been a bad weekend per se, nothing terrible happened. But I was utterly uninspired by literally everything and whinier than a five year old in the backseat of a car on a cross country road trip.

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No zero days and weekly round up

Starting something new is exhilarating and my default reaction is to put all systems on go and pour all my time and resources into it. At the moment, I am lucky enough to (mostly) do exactly that. For a few more weeks, I have complete freedom as to how I spent my time and a large chunk of it goes into this project.

But lets be realistic. That is not how it usually goes. First of all, the innital honeymoon phase ends eventually, no matter how great a project. Besides, no one has only one thing to keep track of.

Which is where it usually gets messy for me. Having more balls to juggle inevitably leads to me dropping first one, and then another, and in the end they are all in a big heap on the ground and I am waving my goals goodbye.

That’s were the principle of “No zero days” comes in.

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