NaNoWriMo mistakes and outlook

It’s been silent here in the last week, but fear not, I have gone nowhere.

I spent the last week toying with the next project that tentatively pushed itself forward now that my brain has space for a new idea. It’s not completely new and I really like it, though it’s still very raw and has nothing more than three characters and genre(s). I also thought about how to go about it and how to incorporate it into the blog.

I still like the idea of doing things project style, because in the end, every story is a project.

But before I dive into the next challenge and my thoughts on what I want from it, I want to do a quick review of my “failure”.

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NaNoWriMo diaries – day #13

I am admitting defeat.

Wow, that doesn’t sound so nice, does it.

I haven’t posted the last two days because the only things I could have written about are the things I’v already talked about on repeat: I am not getting into this, flow doesn’t come, writing is hard.

Today, I’ve taken a long hard look at the last two weeks, at myself, at how I feel while writing and at my story, and realised: this won’t work.

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